Types of COVID vaccines

Types of COVID vaccines



Covishield is also known as ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, or AZD1222, created by Oxford College in organization with AstraZeneca. Its assembling and preliminary accomplice are the Serum Organization of India, Pune, and ICMR.

This vaccine utilizes a replication-inadequate chimpanzee viral vector dependent on a debilitated rendition of adenovirus that causes contaminations in chimpanzees and comprises of the hereditary material of the Covid spike protein, which assists the infection to tie with the human cells. The changed chimpanzee adenovirus can't imitate, subsequently don't cause contamination, and rather fills in as a vector to move the Covid spike protein.

 Like most of the vaccines, the Covishield produces the mimic spike protein that causes an immunological response, which would finally prime the immune system.

Covishield is approved in India, Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, Bangladesh, and the Dominican Republic administrative experts for crisis use.

The vaccine will be accessible for Frontline laborers and more seasoned individuals by February 2021; be that as it may, the overall population of the age gathering should stand by until April 2021. Likely, the Covishield antibody would be accessible at 200 per dose.

The agreement was made between the Indian government and SII for a buy request of 11 million dosages.


Covaxin is India's first native Coronavirus antibody. It is an inactivated antibody that smothers the infection's ability to copy yet keeps it healthy so the invulnerable framework can in any case remember it and make an insusceptible response. Covaxin helps in expanding the creation of antibodies in the host body.

This Vaccine can focus on the new variation of SARS-CoV-2 that was as of late recognized in the UK. This immunization creates a solid insusceptible reaction and in-vitro viral balance. Both homologous (vaccine virus strain) and heterologous (different) SARS-CoV-2 strains were killed utilizing this antibody, according to the antibody incited immunizer reactions recorded.

After effectively completing the break report from the Stage 1 and 2 clinical preliminaries of COVAXINTM, it was supported by the Medications Regulator General of India for Stage 3 clinical preliminaries in 26,000 members in more than 25 focuses across India.

The cost of Covaxin will most presumably be ₹295. The Indian Government has asked the assembling organization to give around 55 lakh measurements at 12 focuses before 14 January 2021.


Sputnik V is the globe's previously enlisted Coronavirus vaccination dependent on a viral two-vector antibody-dependent on two human adenoviruses. The vaccine is made in Russia however is endorsed for use in India and is being imported. Sputnik V is otherwise called Gam-COVID-Vac. It is advancing to the furthest limit of its clinical preliminaries and before long will start large-scale manufacturing. Sputnik V immunization is named after the first Soviet space satellite.

Clinical preliminaries of Sputnik V have been presented in India, Venezuela, Belarus, and the UAE, and RDIF's worldwide accomplices in India, Brazil, China, South Korea, and different nations will make the immunization for the global market.

Difference between Covishield and Covaxin



The interval between 1st and 2nd doses is 12-16 weeks

The interval between the 2 doses is 4-6 weeks

People above 18 years of age can opt for this vaccine

This vaccine can be injected into people above 18 years of age.

People above 18 years of age can opt for this vaccine Efficacy after the second dose can vary from 70-90%

This vaccine can be 78-95% effective after the second dose

Sputnik V VS Covishield and covaxin

Sputnik V

Covishield and Covaxin

Developed by Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology in association with Dr Reddy’s

Covishield is developed by the SII, Oxford University and AstraZeneca whereas Covaxin is developed by Bharat Biotech and ICMR

91.6 percent effective

Covishield can be up to 90% effective and Covaxin has been found to be 78-81% effective

The interval between the 2 doses is likely to be 21 days

The gap between the doses of Covishiled and Covaxin are respectively 12-16 weeks and 4-6 weeks



The most recent reports on the Coronavirus immunization

  • 233 million dosages of the Coronavirus antibody have been given in India. In excess of 45 million individuals have gotten 2 doses of the vaccination and are considered completely immunized.
  • Top wellbeing authorities in India have expressed that both Covaxin and Covishield are compelling against the changed, UK/South Africa/Brazil infection.
  • Sputnik V vaccine has been given crisis use approval in India. In India, the Russian immunization will be created by Dr Reddy's Research facilities. A new report tracked down no solid sensitivities caused by by Sputnik V.
  • India will produce 850 million dosages of the Sputnik V vaccine consistently.
  • As far as adequacy, Sputnik V surpasses both Covishield and Covaxin with 91.6 % viability contrasted with Covishield's almost 90% (worldwide reports) and Covaxin's 81% (between time third stage preliminary outcomes).
  • Bharat Biotech will expand the creation of Covaxin to 12 million dosages every month.
  • Sputnik will be the third antibody to be utilized in India against Covid and will be conveyed to India this month. The volume of Sputnik V antibody creation in India will be steadily expanding and may outperform 50 million dosages each month.
  • All the antibody makers should sell half of their stock to the states through the unrestricted economy. The excess half will go to the central government.
  • Since all immunizations will be accessible in the open market, the antibody producers can likewise choose the cost of each portion of immunization relying upon request and supply.
  • The danger of contracting Coronavirus after 2 dosages of Covaxin or Covishiled is microscopic. An investigation has found 0.03% of individuals got Coronavirus after the second portion of Covishield and 0.04% tried positive after the second portion of Covaxin.
  • Lactating ladies can likewise take the antibody.

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