Website is an Asset not an Expense

Website is an Asset not an Expense


Why your Business need Website?

Today most of the customers use internet for finding out the product and services. A website is the best tool for promoting business online.

Your business will be opened throughout the year inspite of time and place for 24/7/365 and also will take your business to a wider market. Customer need not depend on open and close timing for the purchase or service from your business. It helps you to showcase your product and prove yourself unique in your field of business.

A well-designed website will give your business professional way to grow, we can let our customers shop online, answer their queries, getting feedback and show them updation and latest trend in your business. The internet has created a great impact on the small business in creating the brand and taking in to global.

Why Responsive site?

Most of the internet user access the site in mobile rather than on desktop. Responsive design is a technique that allows a website to be flexible and adapt to the size of the screen that is viewed by your customer. To make your website optimise and consistent on all the platform its viewed by your customer to gets a better experience on the site. The responsive site works well across all the multitude of the existing devices that are popular in the market.

If you have a non-responsive site it may look great on the desktop but not exactly on the mobile as the size vary, so restructures and reorganizes the site to make it responsive. If your site is not responsive and does not satisfy the customer, he will not come back for business. So it is even recommended by Google to have a responsive site.

SEO for your Business Website

When a customer search for a product or service on the search engine using a keyword, Google list out the websites related to the keyword searched. To bring up your site on the top of google list we have to follow the SEO technique. SEO brings the business site more visibility and branding over internet users. It helps to bring up your site on the top in the business traffic.

On page optimization

On page SEO refers to the technique you do on the site that helps to rank higher, the important on page technique that should be followed are page content, title descriptions, Proper URL Structures, Internal linking, External pages, XML Sitemap,ROBOTS.TXT and ht access.



Off page optimization

Off page are things that are done off the website to boost up the ranking, That is done using the social networking, Blogging, Blog Marketing, Forum Marketing, Search Engine Submission, Directory Submission and social bookmarking.



Digital Marketing

Marketing our business site using electronic devices (computers) such as personal computers, smartphones, cellphones and tablets. Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, apps and social networks.LinkedIn Ads and Social Selling, Facebook, Twitter are few digital marketing techniques.

Google Adwords

Google Adword is a service that displays our business advertisement for a particular query in the top, bottom or beside the list of search result page.Adword offers pay-per-click, cost per click, cost per mille for advertising our business banner, text, media and remarketing.




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