Velliangiri Coimbatore

Velliangiri Coimbatore


The Velliangiri Mountains, a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, are situated at the Western Ghats border of Coimbatore District Tamil Nadu. The foothills of velliangiri hills have a rich spiritual environment. In the 6 feet wide cave temple, Lord Shiva bless the devotees as Pancha-Five Lingas.

He is a swayambumurthi. Two rocks on either side of the shrine appear as natural Dwarapalakas-securities. The sand in the fifth hill being the sacred ash, it is called Thiruneer Malai – Hill of sacred ash. Velliangiri Andavar and Manonmani Amman stay at the last hill of the seven hills to bless devotees.


Lord Brahmma was here worshipping Lord Shiva praised as Patti Muni in Perur. Sage Kalaba, son of Sage Kashyapa also was here with Brahmma worshipping the Lord with a bath in the Noyyal River. Pleased with their worship, Lord Shiva took them to Velli Mandram and granted his dance darshan with Mother Uma. That spot is the Swamigiri Malai at the seventh hill.

Velliangiri Hills Symbolizes Seven Chakkaras in Human Body

  • First hill Mooladhara The Shrine of Velli Vinayagar

  • Second Hill Swadhistanam Pambatti Sunai

  • Third Hill Mani
    poorakam Symbol of Agni, Kai Thatti Sunai

  • Fourth Hill
    Anahatham Sidhar Ottar’s Samathi

  • Fifth Hill Vishudhi Bheeman Kaliyurundai Hill

  • Sixth Hill Aagna Aethizhai Cave, Aandi Sunai

  • Seventh Hill Sahasraaram Swayambhu lingam, The lord Velliangiri

Lord Shiva disciples believe three Kailash are there as one in North Uttar Kailash, one in the Middle Madhya Kailash and the third in the South Dakshina Kailash. Where Uttar Kailash is in stumble form, Madhya Kailash is in Tibet and the velliangiri hill is the Dakshina Kailash referred as “Then Kailayam or South Kailash”.

Two main reasons behind worshiping this as South Kailash is

  • Lord Shiva himself found this place Congenial for his penance once

  • The weather of this hill is similar to Kailash

These mountains are rich in herbals and nature. Everyone feels stress-free healthy while penance in the hill summit. This is one of the reasons Dhyanalinga is situated nearby Velliangiri Hills.

Trekking to Villingiri Hills

Poondi is a small village situated in the foothills of velliangiri filled with vibrations of five elements-Water, fire, wind, earth, and the sky as Lord Panchalingesha resides there. Poondi is 40 kilometers away from Coimbatore city. Devotees used to carry food, water and articles while climbing the hill. Women are not allowed to climb the hill.

Those who wish to climb the majestic velliangiri hill should begin from poondi. They worship swayambu lord at the end of seven hills. Usually, people climb these holy hills between Thai (Tamil Month) till Vaigasi Visakam. Velliangiri hill has an altitude of 6000 ft and one has to trek a distance of 6 km to reach the Summit. The best season to undertake the trek is between January and May. Climbing the hill is easier during this season as Snowstorms, hails and severe chillness make it difficult for pilgrims to climb on other days. One can leave by 06:00 am in the morning and reach the summit by 10 or 11 Am. It is possible to reach the foothills by 6 pm one if start climbing down after worshipping lord by 2 pm.

People climb this hill every full moon day and new moon day at dawn and climb down by dusk. They usually grow in groups of 10 to 15. Carrying a raincoat, a plastic sheet, food items, water bottles, a torchlight and a bamboo staff will be more helpful. Very few springs are available in the hills so it is advisable to carry enough drinking water. The forest is the place for wild animals like bears, panthers, elephants, wild buffaloes and snakes. Devotees need to be careful and not to go alone.

Pooja’s and Festivals

  • 07:00 Am Milk Abishekam at poondi temple

  • 12:00 Pm Uchikala pooja at poondi temple
  • 06:00 pm Sayankala pooja at poondi temple
  • Amavasya, pournami, pradosham at poondi temple (free anadhanam for devotees during these days)
  • During Pilgrimage season regular pooja’s at 7th hill

navagraha's in vellingiri temple

Festivals celebrated during pilgrimage season

  • Thai Pongal

  • Thai Pusam
  • Mahashivaratri
  • Panguni Uttaram
  • Tamil New Year
  • 1st May
  • Chithra Pournami


Sri Velliangiri Andavar Temple

Velliangiri Malai, Poondi, Coimbatore.

Phone: +91 422-261 5258, 2300238

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