Top 10 Car Decors In Coimbatore

Top 10 Car Decors In Coimbatore


                                    TOP 10 CAR DECORS IN COIMBATORE

2023 is a modern era where most people prefer cars rather than bikes, so adding car accessories have become a big business all over the country. most people who own the car do not want to keep the car as a stock, they modify the interior and exterior of the cars. Car customization is an art that makes one’s car look unique and more special than other cars on the roads. Adding accessories makes a car looks more customized car from other. Even some simple additions like hanging ornament dream catcher make the car even more beautiful. Car accessories and car decors change the aesthetics of the car and make the ride more pleasant.  So here are the top 10 cars decors in Coimbatore where you can customize your car to your choice


1.RM Car Decors                 

In this 20th century, a car is more affordable than a bike, everyone around has a car on their own because of economic growth. To make our cars look unique, RM car decors offer a wide range of products for modification on the interior and exterior of cars. They also offer a wide range of products for multiple branded cars. They provide services for premium cars like BMW, Audi, Range Rover, and more premium brands across the world.

Address:   9, 10, Katoor Road, ATT Colony, Gopalapuram, Coimbatore,Tami Nadu 641018

Phone number: 08048036143

Website: rmcardecors. in


2. HI TECH car decors                        

HI tech car decors are one of the leading car decorators in Coimbatore. Especially specialized in wrapping parts of the cars with the choice of design among the customer. They offer varieties of lights for cars which makes the car even more bright and makes the car look unique among other cars on the road. They make the car look different which makes us feel different from other cars on the road.

Address:  29,Nehru park road,Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu 6410033 

Phone number: +91 97860 42460



3.SS Car Decors

SS car decors is a place where we can find a variety of choices in interior design like seat covers, mats, and seats. While traveling in a car, the interior atmosphere on leads to a happy journey so keeping our car interior as per our taste leads to a happy journey for us. SS cars make them more affordable, durable, and comfortable for us.

Address:  35 Nehru Stadium, Near VOC ground , Coimbatore- 641018

Phone number:  080 42783788



4.CLASSIC RAJA car decors

Classic car decors are a place where we can find varieties of car accessories. They particularly have more choices of sound systems which we can make our choice of speakers and sound operating systems for our car. With great quality music, comes great quality ideas. So, choosing the correct sound system matters a lot for the cars. Classic Raja Decors make that job easy.

Address:  8 Nehru Stadium Road, ATT Colony, Gopalapuram, Coimbatore 641018

Phone number:  0422-230-1569




B2 tracks is a place for enthusiastic automotive racing people because it makes our car look like a professional racing car, making it more unique on the roads.  B2tracks makes the look of a racing car on the streets. They make a car’s interior and exterior work to make it look like a racing car.

Address:  Thiyagi Kumaran Street, Near Maheshwari Nagar, Peelamedu Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641004   

Phone number: 9629029290



6. BC car decors

BC Car Decor is known for its professionalism of work in Coimbatore. they have more than enough good reviews from customers which makes the BC car decors a customer-friendly place. Here in BC car decors, offer services like stereo systems, amplifiers, subwoofers, mats sun control film, and more on. BC car decors give a premium finish to the cars which makes the customers feel more pleasant about their cars.

Address:  kikani signal, kamarajar Puram mainroad, sukrawa pettai, cbe641002  

Phone number: +91 63811 67502



7. SUN COMBINE car decors                                                 

Sun Combine is one of the most experienced car decors in Coimbatore, the sun combine car decors gives the product services like sun control film, stereo, speakers, mats, bumper GPS navigators, and more for all types of cars, the sun combine is one of the oldest car decors in Coimbatore which make them the most experienced car decors among Coimbatore. Sun Combine is also known for its cheap and best service.

Address:  64, Bala Sundaram Chettyar Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641018

Phone number:  422 2212240



8. I-5 car decors 

I-5 car decors is a place known for alloy wheels in Coimbatore, they provide premium alloy wheels for all types of cars which makes the cars look stunning. They also provide interior and exterior lighting works for cars which makes the cars more colorful and they also provide seating works and interior and exterior designing works for all types of cars.

Address: Nehru stadium Shop NUMBER 2, CBE, TN

Phone number:  +91 99525 11411




Car 360 Decors is a place where we can find various products for our car which is used to modify the looks of the interior and exterior of our car, car 360 provides various brands which gives the customers more choice for customers. They provide service for most cars on the market. They provide products like subwoofers, speakers, android navigators, and entertainment systems.

Address:  77/2B Sanganoor Rd,  Coimbatore, T641027

Phone number:  91506 85641

Website:  Car.d.cbe



The spaark automotive is the place for products with the best pricing and they offer service for all types of cars.  The spark cars have numerous products so that the customers can select the brand of the products which makes them a customer-friendly place. they make customization the interior and exterior of the cars to the taste of the customer. One of the best places in Coimbatore.

Address: 85, E Arokiasamy Rd,  R.S. Puram,  Coimbatore,  Tamil Nadu 641002

Phone number:  90926 11111 


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