Top 10 Best Courses after 12th Science

Top 10 Best Courses after 12th Science


What to pick as a profession after 12th Science (biology) is the greatest address that runs in every student’s personality, Parents along with students too loose their peaceful sleep after their child clears 12th science board exam. Actually, there are hundreds of ways and of available to the students of 12th science stream.

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Medical Aspirants

For those who have a keenly interested in Medical field can opt for courses:

MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Other options available in the Medical Field are:

BDS (Bachelor of Dental surgery) and BAMS or Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and surgery, Physician, Optometrists, Dental Surgeon, Pharmacists, Nursing and a lot of others.

Engineering Aspirants

Students with much more interest in Math and Physics or chemistry can get into Engineering Field.

There are many choices available in this field for specialization like Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautical, Bio-Medical, Information Technology, Marine, Electronics and telecommunication and much more to go with. Engineering is by far the best career options after 12th science with a bright future.


There are many types even in agriculture, they are Dairying, Poultry Farming and Horticulture apart from the production of Fruits, Vegetables and food grains. In this field their many options available for research and teaching.

One can select among these courses after 12th science in agriculture:

B. Sc in Agriculture

B.Science in Agricultural Eco and Farm management

B. Sc in Agricultural Meteorology

B. Sc in Agricultural Biotechnology

B. Sc in Agricultural Statistics

B. Sc in Agronomy

B.Sc (Agriculture Mktg and Business Management)

B.Sc (Bio-chem and Agricultural Chemistry)

B. Sc in Crop Physiology

B. Sc in Entomology

B. Sc (Hons) in Agriculture


The field of Biotechnology is absolutely a mix of science with present day engineering, which generate bring about modify cells to control them as needed. It helps researchers to create medications for different infections and extremely accommodating to people and other living structures.

Biotechnology utilized as a part of a mixed bag of fields like Environmental, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Energy and Chemical.These are the degrees and diplomas after 12th in biotechnology

Courses after 12th Science

B.Science in Biotechnology

B. Sc in Biotechnology and Bio informatics

B.E. in Biotechnology

B.Tech (Industrial Biotechnology)

Diploma in Biotechnology

Food Technology

Food Technologist interest is developing step by step as ascent popular for bundled nourishment and its long safeguarding because of numerous current changes in nourishment habits.

Food engineering arrangements with the experimental seeing about sustenance’s we consume and what are the genuine creation methodology to make nourishments, bundled and protected. A degree in this field can land one the position of Food Quality controller, Research Officer, Packaging supervisor and a great deal of others occupations. Understudies may strive for sustenance innovation courses after twelfth science:

B. Sc in Food Preservation and Processing

B. Sc in Food Processing

B. Sc in Food Processing and Technology

B. Sc in Food Storage, Preservation and Food Tech.

B. Sc in Food Technology (Bio-Chemical Engineering)

Diploma in Fish Processing Technology

Diploma in Sugar Technology

Microbiology Studies

This field is the study of living organisms which may be a cell cluster, single cell or may be no cell at all, these are invisible to the naked eye such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. There are many types of different microbiology. But Medical microbiology is well known as it deals with the human illness.

Other Microbiology includes food microbiology, environmental microbiology and veterinary microbiology. There are ample of career opportunities and jobs for Microbiologists in Pharmaceutical, Food, Research and development laboratories in hospital, Beverage and chemical industries, Research organizations, Agriculture and Healthcare research.

B.Science in Microbiology

B.Science (Hons) in Microbiology

Diploma in Clinical Microbiology

Diploma in Clinical Pathology

Diploma in Industrial Microbiology

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