Jallikattu, The Sensation

Jallikattu, The Sensation


“Jallikattu” last January, it was heard everywhere, all ages from children to aged participated in this protest. Was the game, the only target of the protesters? The answer would be a big no! Do you remember the other decisions we made during the protest? Even though the first and foremost was Jallikattu, but first named as “ERU THAZHUVUTHAL” which means “EMBRACING THE BULL”.

This game would bring back the existence of our Indian Bull Breeds which has already reduced in great number and this inturn would work in stopping the import of milk and milk products from foreign countries and finally it was a great victory to all Tamilians as the bill was passed to amend PCA Act.

Were these the only resolutions we made? Didn’t we plan to ban foreign beverage products manufactured by Pepsi and Coca Cola and other foreign products? We can lead a healthy life by using our own products from our native lands like tender Coconuts, Nungu, Sugarcane juice, etc than opting for these harmful foreign products.

Why are we still behind these foreign goods which give profit to foreign countries instead of developing our own Indian Economy? What happened to the oaths taken and promises made? Don’t we really desire for a Better India?

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