How to Hire a Professional Using LinkedIn

How to Hire a Professional Using LinkedIn


Nowadays there is increasing demand for hiring a Skilled person. People are starting to use Social media for hiring people. The professional trend can certainly help you to hire candidates without any difficulty. The best Platform for hiring a professional is Social media.

Among all social media, Linkedin is the best platform to hire people. LinkedIn is a professional network with 500+ million users. It works as a virtual recruiting platform for candidates and has made the hiring process easier than ever for managers. Receiving resumes in mails are passed, now you can hire a professional from his profile activities and engagements from that you can decide if he fit to the field or not.

LinkedIn has simplified, focused, and less time-consuming process of hiring. Furthermore, it allows you to get to know your applicants better before seeing them in person.

Here’s how

  • You can view their profile in LinkedIn and check their potential with their activities and the post
  • You can also view how they are managing their profile. A profile says a lot about their willingness to try new things.
  • You can also see that they are Recommended by other people in the recommendation section.It gives you a good indication about a candidate's work ethics.


Steps to hire your Employee through LinkedIn:

Create a company profile in Linkedin:

 The majority of ideal Candidates seek jobs on LinkedIn, thus you should create a LinkedIn profile to boost your exposure among them. It helps you to promote your business by showcasing workers and testimonials.

  • For greater search visibility, Use relevant keywords in your profile
  • Create a headline that will attract Employee to apply
  • Publish testimonials in your profile.
  • Educate your followers consistently

Create Job Openings:

LinkedIn is the best Platform where you can post jobs for free unlike other paid platforms for recruiting, asking for referrals, and attracting qualified people. You may also see if the candidates are looking for work and if they are a good fit for the post.

Here's how you can contact a large number of job seekers:

  • Create a job posting on LinkedIn's company page.
  • Create a job posting on your LinkedIn page.
  • Create a job posting on

 Create a group and stay active :

Create a group. Post good quality content and links to your company website. This will help other people to build interest in your company which will further help you to establish a great presence in LinkedIn

 Use Inmail to Connect candidates:

 Inmail is one of the Great features in LinkedIn. It helps you to allow more candidates which you are not connected to. The average response of inmail is 3 times greater than the Traditional mail.

 Use an ATS to Post Jobs and Screen Candidates:

You can use an ATS (applicant tracking system) that features a LinkedIn partnership for a far better experience. ATS, i.e., talent acquisition software helps you streamline the recruitment process by allowing you to post job openings on LinkedIn for free of charge also as on other job boards directly.

Here’s why using an applicant tracking system may be a good way to accelerate and excellent the recruitment cycle:

  • It extracts data on applicants’ LinkedIn profiles and identifies top talent based on their skills that match your job description.(data that they might have missed out on their resumes) 

  • It allows you to send personal messages without having a connection with them.


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