How to choose Best engineering colleges in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

How to choose Best engineering colleges in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India


Choosing the 'Right' engineering college is a critical choice, both for you and your family. Here we share a few Tips to choose the Best Engineering Colleges & Institutes in Coimbatore:

  1. Choosing the engineering branch

Before choosing an Engineering college, you should choose which engineering branch you would like to study. Do some research on different courses and then choose from it as per your heart says.

  1. Categorize all Engineering Colleges

After choosing the Engineering Branch, the next, you should divide your choice of colleges into three categories. Make all top notch engineering colleges in the first category and that is very difficult to get into. The second category can list the colleges which are above the average level and that are probably easy to get into.  The last category should be the list of colleges which you will surely get admission and it will be useful if other selected colleges you considered didn't work out.

  1. Note down your criteria

Make a short list of the elements that to evaluate and choose Engineering colleges;

  • Degree offered
  • Government or private
  • Reputation
  • College Rank
  • Qualification of the faculties
  • Fee (tuition fee, Hostel Fee)
  • Scholarships Offered
  • College Infrastructure - Labs, Libraries & computer access
  • Internships & Placement History
  • Extracurricular - Dance/Music/Sports & other clubs
  • Location
  1. Campus Visit

Once you get satisfied with your checklist, confirm these all things by visiting the colleges. Talk to Alumni students and listen to their College & Placement experiences.

Finally, You can get a clear picture of the college and if you feel like, you want to be in that college then this would be a good sign of the Best Engineering college.

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