Five Reasons Why Every Student Should Be On LinkedIn

Five Reasons Why Every Student Should Be On LinkedIn


#1. To build a strong network of professional contacts

You don’t have to wait to enter the job industry to build your network. Something that needs to be initiated while you are still in your college. When you come out from University, You never know when a connection will come in handy and the bigger your network.

Many students struggle with the idea of being on LinkedIn. They see it as bland or even a little bit boring. Wrong! 

Think of your LinkedIn profile as your professional brand to share with the world

You have to connect with more and more people who will recognize your skills, qualifications, and strengths

You can start by connecting with your school and college friends, your seniors, and even your professors. It might happen that your friend of today turns into a business referral a few years down the lane


#2. To get job alerts

Once students complete their studies they find it difficult to search for jobs in the same core. someone will find to move to the next position. For both of these, Linkedin will help us. 

Students can find links to apply for the jobs that are in sync with the skills mentioned in their profile

Once you have set up your profile, You can program LinkedIn to send you job alerts for certain companies, industries, or specific job titles, so that you’ll never miss out on a great opportunity again.

Apart from job-finding platforms, using LinkedIn you can build a  professional network that may have a closer look at the company you’re applying to.

For fresh graduates, there's a Student Jobs Portal, where you can find entry-level jobs and internship posts.


#3. Extensive Professional Profile, and Accessible To Recruiters.

Before 5 to 6 years,  it was a normal notion that a resume will be one or two pages long. But in the course of a few years, things have changed tremendously. In this situation, Linkedin plays an important role. Due to the rise of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a large number of companies have made their presence on different platforms. 

At the same time, recruiters actively look for their potential employees on LinkedIn, not on Facebook or Twitter. 

Employers now want to have a more in-depth look at your qualification, skills, and achievements before calling you for further discussion. 

If your area of interest is in sync with their requirements and you have included all your skills and accomplishments in a proper way, on LinkedIn,   they might get attracted and look forward to having you for further processes.


#4. Connect on LinkedIn Groups with peer professionals and get recommended for you.

LinkedIn often suggests you join a group on the basis of your profile info. Always ensure that you join LinkedIn groups that interest you. 

By doing this, you can reach out to top professionals in your field and get valuable inputs from them. Debating or sharing your ideas with them increases the level of knowledge and enables you to explore new opportunities. 

It can open your eyes to new careers and paths you might not have considered before. When you regularly drop a valuable comment in their post, you can draw the attention of the market leaders and other group members. 

Through this, you can get other people to recommend you. When the maximum number of people recommended you, it has a great chance of attracting employers’ attention to your profile.


#5. Apply and connect Internationally, beyond geographic bounds.

LinkedIn is a global networking platform and if you are interested in landing overseas jobs, you can get a lot of benefits by networking on this social media website and start building a network.

By connecting with employers of foreign companies, it is easy to get an internship in their companies, thereby resulting in a job for you in that company.

College students can also use LinkedIn to network with other students. This type of networking gives you a wonderful opportunity to find out how other college graduates found a job or got hired by an employer



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