Celebrating Sir Arthur Keith!!!

Celebrating Sir Arthur Keith!!!


Father of Modern Nationalism  

-  Sir Arthur Keith

One of the best sayings of Sir Arthur Keith…..

The Discovery of Agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life!!!

Sir Arthur Keith was a famous Scottish Anatomist and Anthropologist and was born born on February 5th 1866 at Quarry Farm near Old Machar in Aberdeen shire. His Father John Keith was a farmer, and his wife, Jessie Macpherson. He was educated at Gordon's College in Aberdeen. First he was a fellow and later the Hunterian Professor and custodian of the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and he died on 7 January 1955.

Arthur Keith was an outstanding figure in the research of human trace; he became the President of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Latter his interest was transferred in the subject of human evolution, leading to the publishing of his book “A New Theory of Human Evolution”, in which he promoted the theory of group selection.

Immediately upon World War II Arthur notably accentuate the tribal origins of anti-Semitism, and in “A New Theory of Evolution” he dedicated a episode to the theme of anti-Semitism and Zionism in which he contended that Jews have existed by flourishing a notably vigorous impression of community between Jews worldwide placed around cultural habits relatively than homeland, while employing the 'dual code' in such a way that anticipated oppression toughened their sense of supremacy and coherence.

He is also recognized for exploring the senatorial node, the fundamental of the heart which makes it beat, with his student Martin Flack in 1906.

Powerful Writings

  • A Manual of Practical Anatomy è 1901
  • Human Embryology and Morphology è 1902, 6th ed. 1949
  • The Antiquity of Man è 1915, 2d ed. 1925
  • Concerning Man's Origins è 1927
  • The Place of Prejudice in Modern Civilization è 1931
  • A New Theory of Human Evolution è 1948
  • An Autobiography è 1950
  • Prediction of the future

Specious quotation

Evolution is unproved and improvable. We believe it because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable.


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