Celebrating Barbara Jordan!!!

Celebrating Barbara Jordan!!!


Stunning Black Woman - Barbara Jordan!!!

Education remains the key to both Economic and Political Empowerment– one of the best quotes of Barbara Jordan…

Barbara Charline Jordan was an awesome American lawyer, Educationist and Lawmaker who was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement. As a Lawmaker, she was the first African American voted in to the Texas Senate after Rehabilitation, the first Southern African-American woman voted in to the United States House of Representatives. She was best well known for her outspoken opening presentation at the House Judiciary Committee earshot during the allegation process against Richard Nixon, and as the first African-American woman to drop a core address at a Democratic National meeting. She acknowledged the Presidential Medal of Freedom, among various other fames. She served as a representative of the Peabody Awards Board of Jurors from 1978 to 1980. She was the first African-American woman to be entombed in the Texas State graveyard.

Barabara was born in Houston on February 21st 1936 and was focused on church life. her father was a Baptist evangelist named Benjamin Jordan and her mother was a teacher at the church, named Arlyne Patten Jordan. Barbara was the 3rd child for their parents. She started her education at Roberson Elementary School and was graduated from Phillis Wheatley High School in 1952 with tributes.

Barbara was very much impressed by the speech of Edith S. Sampson at her high school and this made her urge to become a Lawyer. Due to discrimination Barbara was not able to join the The University of Texas at Austin, instead she preferred Texas Southern University, a historically-black institution and opted historical science as his major subject. During these years, she was a National Champion Debater and she was graduated magna cum laude in the year 1956. And also she graduated from Boston University School of Law in 1959.

Successful career

  • Taught Political science at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama for a year
  • Started her own private law practice in 1960 at Houston
  • Unsuccessful campaigns for the Texas House of Representatives in 1962 and 1964
  • Triumphed a seat in the Texas Senate in 1968 and served until 1972
  • First African American Female to serve as President Pro Tem of the State Senate
  • Served one day as Acting Governor of Texas on June 10th 1972
  • Barbara sponsored some 70 bills during her time in the Texas Legislature
  • Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1972
  • Made a persuasive televised speech before the House Judiciary Committee
  • Appointed to the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee by Carl Albert, then Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
  • The first African-American woman to deliver a keynote address at the Democratic National Convention
  • Retired from Politics in 1979
  • Turned to a n appendage professor at the University of Texas at Austin Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, teaching ethics
  • Again served as a keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 1992
  • Chaired the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform in 1994 and until her death in 1996

Appreciations and legacy

  • Inducted into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame in 1984

Namesakes of Barbara Jordan in TEXAS

  • The primary terminal at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is named after Barbara Jordan
  • As well as a boulevard (usually a large road, running through the city) in central Austin
  • Several schools bear Barbara Jordan’s name
  • The Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholars, presently managed by The Kaiser Family Foundation

Other countable tributes of Barbara Jordan

  • The Jordan/Rustin Coalition (JRC) was established in Jordan's honor in 2000
  • A play based on Barbara Jordon’s life was premised at the Victory Garden Theater in Chicago, Illinois on March 27th 2000
  • Kristine Thatcher's biographical evocation of Jordan's life named “Voice of Good Hope” was played in the theaters from San Francisco to New York
  • A Barbara Jordan statue was opened at the University of Texas at Austin on April 24th 2009, where Jordan taught at the time of her death
  • Jade Esteban Estrada actor/playwright, illustrated Barbara Jordan in the solo musical comedy ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 5 in 2011
  • The Barbara Jordan Forever Stamp was released in the year 2011, which was the 34th stamp in the Black Heritage series of U.S. stamps
  • Barbara Jordan was inducted into the Legacy Walk, an outdoor public display which celebrates LGBT history and people in 2012
  • The Barbara Jordan Media Awards are given every year to media professionals and students who "have composed materials for the public which exactly and undoubtedly addresses on persons with disabilities, using People First language and gracious portrayals"
  • The Barbara Jordan Public-Private Leadership Award is also given in honor of Barbara Jordan




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